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portrait vase series - a collaboration with ai

portrait vase series
a collaboration with ai

In collaboration with MidJourney AI, I embarked on a visual exploration that delves into the intricate tapestry of individuality and communal ties. In this series, I candidly capture people amidst the rawness of street life, where the cacophony of the city serves as a chorus to the diverse narratives etched on each face. Alternatively, the "digital lens" peeks into the quietude of private spaces, revealing individuals in contemplative repose, surrounded by the artifacts of their personal stories.

The central motif in each image is a departure from the conventional portraiture: a porcelain vase takes the place of, or even morphs into, the subject’s head. These vessels appear meticulously crafted and adorned. They bear watercolor-like depictions of the individual’s visage. Intricate floral elements intertwine and decorate, creating a symbiotic relationship to the ephemeral timeline of life. This transformative shift from human form to a handmade ceramic object serves as a powerful metaphor. It encapsulates the profound journey of self-discovery, celebrating the act of creation and the quiet confidence that emerges from embracing one’s unique identity.

Through the "lens" of these porcelain portraits, the series speaks to the viewer about the interconnectedness of humanity. The vases become vessels of unity, transcending geographical distances and bridging the gaps created by political or ideological differences. By emphasizing both the distinctiveness of each person and the shared human experience, the images underscore the idea that, while we are all inherently unique, there exists a universal thread that binds us together in the grand tapestry of human existence.

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