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ai ceramic experiments

Since late 2022 for medical reasons I have been unable to work in the studio making ceramics and pottery. Needing to fill the void of this loss of creativity, but still wanting to retain a conversation within the context of contemporary ceramics, I pivoted to researching and collaborating with Midjourney AI.

In March 2024 I presented at NCECA in Richmond Virginia on the topic of AI and Ceramics. You can find the presentation slides here, and hopefully I will get a release of the video of the presentation from NCECA and will update that ASAP so that there is the audio of the talk as well.

The galleries below are of images of pottery that doesn't actually exist in the real world, but that I would love to create someday, somehow. For now they will simply tell their stories as digital images.

*To be clear - no artists names were used in the prompts for these works.

I'd love to connect with others researching this field. Contact me at to connect or join my DISCORD server to connect with others in the community.

Last but not least if you're interested in signing up for upcoming workshops on how to integrate AI into your creative process please sign up for my newsletter.

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